Translation Agency METAFRAZA, Belgrade

Translation agency " METAFRAZA " offers You the translation services from most of the world's languages, with the verification from sworn-at-court translators or without it, as well as the services of oral consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Our team consists the top court interpreters, translators, linguists and philologists, who in addition to an exceptional knowledge of the language, and the very rich translation experience, have additional specialized knowledge in areas of technology, economics, finance, law, medicine etc.

In addition to the quality, we commit ourselves to respect the deadlines, as well as absolute confidentiality and protection of business and personal informations.
Translation agency "METAFRAZA" offers services to physical and legal entities.

Our goal is to become your partner and provide you a complete service in communication in a foreign language.

You can send us your request for translation on our e-mail: into , and we will promptly give you a free estimation of the price, as well of the time required to complete the translation.



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