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Localization and translation of websites

Translations of the websites

The Web sites have become one of the key ways to present, on the domestic and international market, every company, as well as the individual presentations. The Web sites are your mirror and shows the seriousness, competence and professionalism. Therefore, any company that wants better placement on the market, must also have a good website.

This creates the need for translation of websites into the different foreign languages. If a website is not properly translated and localized for the different markets, the potential customers will act closed and inaccessible, which automatically can significantly limit the business opportunities. With well-translated website in several languages, you send the message, that you are ready for the global market, as well as to understand and respect the cultural differences of your clients.

The translation of websites, in addition to language, means also, taking into account the technical, visual and cultural presentation.

website_translationTechnical aspects

In order to translated website to be successful and functional, in addition to the text, it is necessary to include the key terms from the area where the page belongs to. and then use those terms in the titles and in the texts of the presentation, as well as invisible metadata, in order to increase the chances of the appearance of web pages. while browsing the Internet.

Visual aspects

The texts of one website must be readable and concise. Users must have Visual visibility and ease of movement through the site, to help find the information they need. This is particularly important, because it is known that visitors usually do not stay long on one website, if at first glance does not find the desired information.

Cultural aspects

Finally, there are always certain concepts or ideas, that are specific to the culture of the source language. It is necessary to identify, who are the expected visitors of the website, if the site is intended for a particular age, socio-economic or linguistic group, whether within this group, are there some established habits etc. With this in mind, the translator must also perform the role of cultural mediator, which allows the communication between the two linguistic communities.

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